Let's craft a service that showcases their spirit

I'm here to assist you create a fitting tribute

The loss of a loved one is an indescribably difficult experience, and creating a memorial service that genuinely captures their essence can be a daunting task. I invite you to meet with me, so we can collaboratively design a ceremony that not only celebrates but also sincerely honours their life in a manner that truly resonates with who they were.

Should you prefer a ceremony with a lighter touch, one that reflects the joy and brightness they brought into the world, I am here to explore those possibilities with you. Together, we can craft a service that showcases their spirit in the most beautiful light.

I am entirely adaptable regarding the nature of the funeral service.

Whether you envision a non-religious, semi-religious, or spiritual ceremony, I am equipped to accommodate your wishes.

As a celebrant, my commitment is to assist you in creating a fitting tribute, a service that is as unique and special as the individual it honours. With my help, we will ensure your loved one receives a farewell that is as memorable and cherished as the life they lived.

Certainly! Here's a package outline for a funeral service that includes meeting the family, writing the full service, and the potential of singing during the ceremony, tailored for Aled Jones:

Personal Consultation with the Family

An in-depth meeting to understand your loved one's story, character, and the impact they had on those around them. This meeting allows me to capture the essence of their life and the memories you cherish.

Discussion of specific themes, anecdotes, or elements you wish to be included in the service to ensure it truly reflects the person you are honouring.

Writing and Crafting the Full Service

Development of a bespoke service script that includes all the elements discussed in our meeting.

Incorporation of meaningful readings, quotes, or passages that resonate with the life and values of your loved one.

Creation of a structured yet heartfelt flow for the service, ensuring every aspect from beginning to end is considerate and reflective of the individual.

Singing Performance During the Ceremony (Optional)

As an experienced singer, I offer the option to include a live singing performance as part of the service. This can be a favourite song of your loved one or a piece that you feel would be a fitting tribute.

The performance is tailored to suit the tone and atmosphere of the service, whether it's a song of celebration, reflection, or a heartfelt farewell.

Conducting the Service

Professional and empathetic delivery of the service, ensuring every word spoken is a true reflection of your loved one's life and legacy.

Seamless integration of all service elements, from spoken tributes to musical interludes, ensuring a smooth and respectful flow throughout.

Follow-Up and Support

Post-service follow-up to provide any additional support or guidance.

Assistance with any further memorial arrangements, should you require.

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honouring your loved one in a way that is unique and meaningful.

This comprehensive package is designed to provide a deeply personal and dignified tribute, honouring your loved one in a way that is unique and meaningful.

With my experience and sensitivity, you can trust that the final farewell will be handled with the utmost respect, gentleness and care.

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